Medical translator or medical translator?

Medical translator is a professional in the linguistic field specialized in medicine and able to offer a high capacity to adequately transmit information from one language to another despite their limited knowledge on the subject.

The translator doctor is, on the other hand, a practitioner with linguistic domains.

Despite this opposition between professional medicine with language skills and translator with expertise in medicine, but what is certain is that both attributes must be present in both cases.

Ultimately, the key to the question does not lie in that medical translator is a graduate in medicine or in translation and interpretation, but in that possess the skills and medical translation skills necessary to be an efficient mediator.

Currently, there are several ways to access the market of medical translation which can be summarized in: study both degrees (translation and interpretation, and medicine), to study the degree in translation and complete the scientific training through specialized courses or training in the specialty and expand training in translation with specific courses.

Regardless whatever the way of access to the market of medical translation, the person who is professionally engaged in the translation of texts of this area of knowledge must have a series of skills essential if you want to perform quality work.

The leading researchers in this field point out that all medical translator should possess the following qualities: expert knowledge of language origin, native knowledge of the target language, knowledge of the subject object of translation and medical training adequate and up-to-date.

This implies that the current language knowledge is absolutely insufficient to understand a text in its entirety, so capital mastering the terminology of this type of speech peculiarities.

However, although medical science include a variety of disciplines which are based on elements of knowledge and knowledge – making that characterized by having an own terminology, it is wrong to think that the complexity of medical translation lies only in its terminology, since also has features, syntax, stylistic and even extralinguisticas.